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Rotary at work in the community

This letter is to express our sincere appreciation to the Bellarine North Rotary Club for your assistance in helping us to erect our new shed at the Garden.

Erecting a 3.5 x 3.5 garden shed does not sound like a particularly onerous or challenging task unless you are the one who has to do it, at which stage it looms as a major project. When confronted with a series of flat-packs weighing about 150 kgs, containing a bewildering array of assorted panels, struts and miscellaneous hardware, and guided only by a set of instructions (translated from Swahili) as to how to perform 17 steps each of which is less comprehensible and more improbable than the last - one is forced to concede that one's initial breezy confidence that a screwdriver and a shifting spanner will see the job done was perhaps not entirely realistic. At that stage, when despondency is the order of the day, the Bellarine North Rotary Club suddenly appears as a shining light against the encircling gloom. Here is a group of people with confidence, experience, and a range of power tools suggesting they possess actual skills and a willingness to use them!

And so it proved. The three stalwarts from the Club spent about 7 hours at the task, not unduly hindered by the not-very-skilled assistance from Garden members. The result was a very fine construction, securely anchored, and bearing a sign acknowledging the assistance of Rotary – an acknowledgment which we are pleased to provide by that signage, and by newsletter to our members, and via this letter.

In all seriousness, we are very grateful indeed for the assistance provided by your members. It is an example of the way Rotary helps to generate a sense of community and then to sustain it by the work you do in the community. For Garden members it continues the sense of connection with Rotary which we feel as a result of your recently providing a garden seat in memory of our much-missed joint member Brian Knights.

On behalf of Springdale Community Garden, thank you most sincerely for your assistance.


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