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What do you write about when there has been little happening due to the pandemic?

As I sit in my study working from home, I look out to see gentle rain soaking the gardens and am reminded how nature goes on around us. We can stop and watch as the new life grows on our plants, as the pig face opens wide for the sun, as we move into Spring and can replace the jigsaw puzzles with more outdoor time.

As we look around and see what changes we are collectively making to improve life on our planet.

We are starting to address the issues of waste; we have companies that are recycling soft plastic into items that will last forty years and then can be recycled again. We have Solar Power farms being built it areas that cannot successfully sustain animals or crops. We have wind farms and now we are establishing Big Battery farms to store electricity.

The Bellarine North Rotary Club are also doing their bit, albeit on a much smaller scale, every little bit helps. We are collecting coffee pods, without the coffee which can be used on your garden. Plastic clips off bread packets which are used to produce prosthetics, champagne corks, stamps, plastic lids, metal wine bottle tops, metal medicine blister packs, knitting needles and yarn which we distribute to people who want to knit various items for various groups i.e. beanies for Lifeline, tiny clothes for preemie babies etc.

Can I also remind you to drop your batteries into disposal bins at the Drysdale Library, Woolworths Drysdale & Portarlington and IGA St Leonards? When full we collect them and deliver to the recycle plant.

We can all do something to leave the world a better place for the future generations and get some enjoyment out of the collaboration of the minds that come up with these fantastic ideas. Call the number below for details of where you can leave your contribution to the war on waste.

Caroline Rickard

Publicity Officer

Bellarine North Rotary Club

0408 989 221


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