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Congratulations to the winners of our Inaugural Creative Writing Competition

The Rotary Club of Drysdale has announced winners in its inaugural 2020 Creative Writing

Competition which was open to students in Years Five and Six at local schools.


Three schools submitted entries in this annual competition, which Drysdale Club took over

from Queenscliffe Rotary Club following its closure earlier this year. Participating schools

comprised Drysdale Primary, St Thomas Primary and St Leonard’s Primary.


Drysdale Rotarian judging panel, led by club member and author Dr June Alexander, were

impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and high level of creative writing in a year that has

been marked and shaped by effects of COVID-19.

“Interestingly, we received an equal number of entries from boys and girls, and from Grades

5 and 6,” June said. “The children were presented with a number of storylines, and most

chose to explore the prompt which began with ‘The eagle sat on the highest branch of the

tree, and …. .’ The stories reveal a high level of imagination, story plot and dialogue skills,

and exploration of morals, beliefs, empathy and possibilities.”


In a normal year, Rotarians would attend each school and present the awards in person, but

with this not being possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, arrangements were made to have

school gate presentation. Rotarians Leila Stecher and Caroline Rickard, mindful of social

distancing and mask-wearing, visited the schools to handover the awards to excited



The main winners received a $100 prize, runners-up received a $50 prize and all entrants

received a participation certificate and token award.

Each participating school also received a $50 award.

Prize winner details

Year Six: Vianne (Drysdale PS, Winner); Lily (Drysdale PS, Runner-up).

Year Five: Jacob (St Thomas, Winner); Tahlia (Drysdale PS, Runner-up) .

Certificates of Participation: Mae, William, Owen, Chloe, Lexie, Asher, Elijah,

Xavier, Murphy, Marly Wright.

Rotary Club of Drysdale looks forward to conducting the creative writing competition again

in 2021, believing the opportunity given to the community’s young writers, has benefits for



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